We manufacture tamper resistant election envelopes and mail in ballots. And we can do it fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount of standard envelopes or custom envelopes that I can order?

We structure our pricing around “lots” of 5,000 envelopes. A short run for us would be 2,500, so we do recommend that number as a minimum. However, we will work with you to produce any amount that you need – just contact one of our friendly sales representatives.

How fast can I get my quality custom envelopes or bind-in mailers?

Production times are dependent upon many variables. We will provide exceptional service while moving ultra fast. Timeframes given assume that we have received the stock, and you have approved your soft proof. For simple jobs, with smaller quantities, you can get them in one business day. Turn-key, flat sheet, litho jobs with higher quantities may take three to five business days. You can be sure that we will deliver your envelopes with the shortest possible turn time.

What about postal regulations?

Postal requirements change frequently, and are often difficult to figure out. The latest technology being introduced is the “Intelligent Mail Barcode”. The United States Postal Service has Mailpiece Designers and Analysts who will create your artwork for Business Reply and Courtesy Reply Mail. You will need to contact your local post-office (the office nearest to the location where the mail will be returned) and discuss the piece with the Mailpiece Designer there. We can assist you with finding and contacting the right person in the right location. This should be done well in advance of your target mailing date. The USPS will then provide you with a PDF showing the address, FIM (Facing Identification Marks), barcode, and indicia. You can learn more about postal requirements at www.usps.com.

How do we handle the artwork?

We can accept your artwork via eMail, by uploading to our website, on disk, or through a 3rd party file transfer service such as SendSpace. The format of choice is PDF/X-4. Please convert fonts to curves or outlines, or else include them in the upload. We can also create your artwork from scratch right here, designing simple typeset corner cards or complex, comprehensive direct mail campaigns. Ask your sales representative about our complete design services.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes that I can order from Texas Envelope?

The minimum size available is 3.5″ x 2.25″ and the maximum is 15″ x 10″. We have a wide variety of resources and processes with which to produce your custom envelopes, including Flexographic or Lithographic printing capabilities. Get in touch with your sales representative to discuss the most creative and efficient options for your mailing needs.

Why do you offer different styles of construction, such as diagonal seam envelopes and side seam envelopes?

Different styles of construction allow us to give you the most cost effective and elegant solution for your individual requirements. When we manufacture your envelopes, we start with flat sheets of paper, and then cut them out like “cookie cutters”. Depending upon the type of paper you choose, and the design of the printing, we will choose the most efficient way to produce the final product to keep your costs as low as possible. When you need printing or windows on the back, or have particular inserting equipment you intend to use, we may steer you toward the side seam construction to accommodate these special needs. We can also handle web work. Discuss your custom requirements with one of our knowledgable sales representatives.

Why should I use a reverse flap?

Certain types of inserting machinery will require an inverted flap. Check with your sales representative to find out what flap configuration will work best for your application.

Do you offer special pricing for brokers?

Yes! We are primarily a wholesale supplier – we specialize in meeting the needs of large volume direct communications and marketing agencies. Ask your sales representative how we can custom tailor your pricing.

How do I find out the status of my orders?

Our customer service team will keep you apprised of the status of your orders. Once we have your PO, your order goes straight into production. You will receive a soft proof showing size, construction, flap configuration, windows, and printing within 24 hours via eMail. This will include a “slug” with all of the information about your envelope, including versioning, quantities, ink colors, type of paper stock, screen values, and inside tint information. After you have approved this soft proof, you can expect delivery within one to five business days, depending upon the complexity and quantity of the job. Just contact your sales or customer service representative to find out exactly when your job will be delivered.

What are some of the pitfalls that may delay or compromise my envelopes?

When dealing with Texas Envelope, you will find very few situations that we cannot overcome. We are well versed in all types of unique requirements and we specialize in getting past obstacles. You should discuss EVERY ASPECT of your needs with your sales representative. If you are a flat sheet printer, you should use our layouts, powder your sheets liberally, and jog your final sheets thoroughly before dropping them at our dock.

What if I am dissatisfied with my order?

We will do Whatever It Takes to ensure your satisfaction. If for any reason, we did not meet your expectations, please contact the President of Texas Envelope Company, Mike Curtis and he will work with you to determine how to resolve any issue.

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