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The Texas Envelope Sales Force is on the move!

We have some new faces in the office to handle your customer service and estimating needs!  We welcome Penny Alderton, Kaylynn Nguyen, and Noshad Meghini to our dedicated team!

Our sales force is out and about, traveling across the state to bring you the best overall source for envelopes in the southwest!

Google Apps

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Texas Envelopes is now using Google Apps!  Texas Envelope Company is moving forward, using new technology to help us move faster and be more efficient.

Google Apps is the perfect solution for Texas Envelope Company’s employees on the go.  We are now using Google Calendar to keep track of all of our schedules and to make sure we are all synchronized.  Google Apps lets us schedule and notify each other of any changes.

We will be learning more about the functionality and flexibility of Google Apps in weeks to come.

Looking for machine insertable envelopes? The best question to first ask is how many do you need…. Usually if a job required many more than 30m envelopes – chances are they will be machine inserting pieces into the envelope. Handwork isn’t as prevelant as it used to be, so if an envelope can get inserted..whew that helps drive costs down. We have many custom envelope sizes and most of our A-Sizes have been accompanied by a same size overall envelope die, however, the flap is under 2″ therefore allowing machine insertability.

We are very competitive on machine insertable custom sized envelopes.

Call us we are ready to help.


May is a great time of the year, kids are getting out of school soon and that means Summer is upon us. We thank you for our customers partnerships in the 1st quarter of the year, We have great inside staff support to assist in keeping you updated on your every job in house. We are ready to SHINE in May and let the envelopes bloom…so don’t be afraid to ask us about our custom envelope turn times to meet your deadline. We specialize in Custom Windows, Statement Envelopes, Catalog and Booklet Special Windows and Print, along with Both Peel and Seal or Latex Gum Applications for your envelopes. We also do colored envelopes of all shapes and sizes. No job is too big or too small – Call us to make what you need today!

Please don’t hesitate to REFER a friend that might need our services.


Your Envelope Representative, Dion Carver

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