We manufacture tamper resistant election envelopes and mail in ballots. And we can do it fast!

Why Texas Envelope?

Exceptional Customer Service

Texas Envelope started as a family business in 1983 when current CEO Mike Curtis’ father, Ernie Curtis, was struggling to find envelope companies who could deliver on time and deliver a high quality product. Ernie knew if he was having trouble, many other organizations likely were too, so he knew there was need in the Dallas Metroplex he could fill.

And fill he did. Texas Envelope’s mission from day one was to deliver high-quality products, fast. While providing excellent customer service is any business’s responsibility, Ernie made customer service a priority.

What’s Different Today?

Today Texas Envelope has expanded into a much larger company, servicing a multi-state region across the Southwest. We can handle a wide variety of custom orders of any size, so call us regardless of the size of your order and we can determine how we can help.

What hasn’t changed is the same elevated level of personalized, “family-business” customer service.

Texas Envelope is still a family-owned and operated business. When you call Texas Envelope, you talk to live people who usually even know you by name!

High Quality Products, Delivered Fast

Something else that hasn’t changed from Ernie’s original vision is to provide high-quality products quickly. We use super-fast jet printers and ultraviolet heat lamps to dry ink immediately and prevent offsetting — enabling us to fill orders fast, sometimes even the same day they are placed.

Our mission is to continue to move ultra-fast and to be the best overall source of envelopes in the Southwest” – Texas Envelope CEO Mike Curtis

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